Wednesday 19 October 2016

How to get perfect teeth?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Perfect set of teeth helps in grabbing the attention of people. Well, this is true that not all of us are blessed with perfect teeth but these days it is really easy to improve the look of our teeth by the help of a skilled and experienced dentist. These days a lot of dental procedures and techniques are available to help people who are unsatisfied with their teeth but these issues can be resolved to a great extent. Read on to know more about it:

·         Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneers help in treating a number of dental problems connected to the look of the teeth. These veneers look totally natural and it is really hard to tell the difference between veneers and natural teeth unless one is an expert dentist! This option can correct the appearance of your teeth to a considerable extent.

·         Color Correction Treatment
A number of us have dealt with the embarrassment of having discoloured teeth and it really impacts our appearance in a negative way. If you also are dealing with this issue then don’t waste your time and rush to the dentist as soon as possible because now there are a lot of dental procedures that can help you to improve and enhance the colour of your teeth. The best part is that these procedures are not very costly!

·         Dental wires and braces
If your teeth are not aligned in a perfect order then you can correct their position with the help of dental wires and braces. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that always get this procedure is done with the help of an experienced dentist or you might not get to see satisfactory results! This procedure takes a little time and it starts showing the results after at least six months so you need to be patient during this process. 

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Orthodontics: The magical procedure for crafting a perfect smile!

Chisel Dental Clinic

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that is primarily associated with the diagnosis and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. The objective of an orthodontic treatment is to adjust the placement of crooked teeth to fashion a smile that is pleasant and picture-perfect. Also, such treatments ensure that the teeth fit together correctly for appropriate oral hygiene, keeping periodontal disease and tooth decay at bay.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?
Abnormal development and arrangement of the teeth, as well as the jaw, can affect the overall shape of the face. An orthodontist carries a special clinical exam that includes diagnostic tools, such as X-rays and plaster models to decide whether a patient needs an orthodontic treatment or not.
The most common cases for orthodontic treatments are:
  • Overbite: Also known as ‘buck teeth’, where the upper front teeth appear to stick out over the lower teeth
  • Underbite: Refers to the ‘bulldog’ appearance, where the upper teeth are placed too far back than the lower teeth
  • Crossbite: An alignment where the upper teeth are placed slightly over the teeth at the bottom
  • Open Bite: When there is an apparent gap or space between the front upper and lower teeth upon biting them together
  • Misplaced Midline: When the centres of the upper and lower front teeth do not match each other
  • Spacing:Any sort of gaps or spaces between the teeth
  • Crowding: When there are too many teeth in the mouth as compared to the size of the jaws
Common Orthodontic Treatments
There are different types of appliances that put gentle pressure on the jaws and teeth to help them move.

Fixed Appliances: Braces (with bands, brackets and wire) is one of the most practised orthodontic treatments.

Removable Appliances: It includes orthodontic devices, such as aligners, retainers, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expander, headgear and jaw repositioning tools.

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Saturday 8 October 2016

How to improve the appearance of your teeth?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Smile is an important aspect of a person’s overall personality and aesthetically pleasing teeth make it even more attractive. However, not everyone is blessed with a gleaming set of teeth. Some of us have weird teeth and we often wonder if there is any way through which we can change the appearance of our teeth. Well, experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that with the help of various dental procedures that can help you to make your teeth more attractive. There are a few different treatments that can come to your rescue, keep reading to know more about them:

Dental Crowns       
A dental crown is a very useful treatment and it helps in treating a number of dental issues related to the appearance of the teeth. You may consult your dentist to know if dental crowns can be of any help to you or not. It is highly beneficial if a tooth is damaged during an accident.

Teeth Whitening
Some of us have discoloured teeth and it really affects our appearance in an adverse way. There are a number of professional ways through which you can alter the colour of your teeth to make them attractive. Always make sure to consult your doctor before trying out any teeth whitening kit at home by yourself.

If you lost most of your teeth during any accident then you may consider the option of dentures. These dentures are as good as original teeth and the look totally natural. Though this process may consume a lot of money but the results would be totally worth it!

This procedure is for people who have a lot of gap between their teeth. This procedure is very simple and it can be done in just a single sitting.