Monday 14 November 2016

Useful tips for preventing Tooth Decay.

Dr Sumanth Shetty

Tooth decay refers to cavities that occur when bacteria builds in your mouth and start producing acid that destroys your teeth. Overlooking tooth decay during the initial stages may cause infection, severe pain and the loss of tooth. The decay progression begins with the hidden damage to the enamel of your teeth and then gradually spreads to inner layers of the tooth, ultimately resulting in pulp. The pulp of your teeth comprises of highly sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

The major causes of tooth decay include:
·         Poor Oral Hygiene Practices
·         Deep Tooth Crevices and Enamel Issues
·         Improper Nutrition
·         Acidic Foods and Drinks
·         Dry Mouth Issues
·         Tooth Grinding

How to prevent tooth decay?  
1.      Brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste containing fluoride. If possible, brush after having meals and especially before you go off to bed.
2.      Clean between your teeth on a daily basis using dental floss or inter-dental cleaners.
3.   Use a fluoride-containing mouthwash to rinse your mouth because some mouthwashes contain antiseptic ingredients that kill bacteria that cause plaque.
4.   Drink at least one pint of fluoridated water daily as it protects the children from tooth decay.
5.  Eat balanced and nutritious meals and limit the fatty snacks. Keep away from carbohydrates like chocolates, pretzels and chips. If you eat sticky foods, don’t forget to brush your teeth soon afterwards.
6.     Consult your dentist about dental sealants (an artificial protective coating) applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (molars) to protect them from decay.

Founder of Chisel Dental Clinic, Dr Sumanth Shetty—MDS Pedodontia says, “Avoiding a visit to the dentist is not good for your oral health and will eventually cause future tooth decay.” In fact, you should see the dentist frequently for routine cleaning and oral exam.

Wednesday 19 October 2016

How to get perfect teeth?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Perfect set of teeth helps in grabbing the attention of people. Well, this is true that not all of us are blessed with perfect teeth but these days it is really easy to improve the look of our teeth by the help of a skilled and experienced dentist. These days a lot of dental procedures and techniques are available to help people who are unsatisfied with their teeth but these issues can be resolved to a great extent. Read on to know more about it:

·         Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneers help in treating a number of dental problems connected to the look of the teeth. These veneers look totally natural and it is really hard to tell the difference between veneers and natural teeth unless one is an expert dentist! This option can correct the appearance of your teeth to a considerable extent.

·         Color Correction Treatment
A number of us have dealt with the embarrassment of having discoloured teeth and it really impacts our appearance in a negative way. If you also are dealing with this issue then don’t waste your time and rush to the dentist as soon as possible because now there are a lot of dental procedures that can help you to improve and enhance the colour of your teeth. The best part is that these procedures are not very costly!

·         Dental wires and braces
If your teeth are not aligned in a perfect order then you can correct their position with the help of dental wires and braces. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that always get this procedure is done with the help of an experienced dentist or you might not get to see satisfactory results! This procedure takes a little time and it starts showing the results after at least six months so you need to be patient during this process. 

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Orthodontics: The magical procedure for crafting a perfect smile!

Chisel Dental Clinic

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that is primarily associated with the diagnosis and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. The objective of an orthodontic treatment is to adjust the placement of crooked teeth to fashion a smile that is pleasant and picture-perfect. Also, such treatments ensure that the teeth fit together correctly for appropriate oral hygiene, keeping periodontal disease and tooth decay at bay.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?
Abnormal development and arrangement of the teeth, as well as the jaw, can affect the overall shape of the face. An orthodontist carries a special clinical exam that includes diagnostic tools, such as X-rays and plaster models to decide whether a patient needs an orthodontic treatment or not.
The most common cases for orthodontic treatments are:
  • Overbite: Also known as ‘buck teeth’, where the upper front teeth appear to stick out over the lower teeth
  • Underbite: Refers to the ‘bulldog’ appearance, where the upper teeth are placed too far back than the lower teeth
  • Crossbite: An alignment where the upper teeth are placed slightly over the teeth at the bottom
  • Open Bite: When there is an apparent gap or space between the front upper and lower teeth upon biting them together
  • Misplaced Midline: When the centres of the upper and lower front teeth do not match each other
  • Spacing:Any sort of gaps or spaces between the teeth
  • Crowding: When there are too many teeth in the mouth as compared to the size of the jaws
Common Orthodontic Treatments
There are different types of appliances that put gentle pressure on the jaws and teeth to help them move.

Fixed Appliances: Braces (with bands, brackets and wire) is one of the most practised orthodontic treatments.

Removable Appliances: It includes orthodontic devices, such as aligners, retainers, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expander, headgear and jaw repositioning tools.

Chisel Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Bangalore.The clinic is headed by Dr Sumanth Shetty, who has successfully accomplished more than 10,000 cosmetic and implant cases over a decade. Visit to book an appointment with our specialised orthodontists, dental surgeons and endodontists today!

Saturday 8 October 2016

How to improve the appearance of your teeth?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Smile is an important aspect of a person’s overall personality and aesthetically pleasing teeth make it even more attractive. However, not everyone is blessed with a gleaming set of teeth. Some of us have weird teeth and we often wonder if there is any way through which we can change the appearance of our teeth. Well, experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that with the help of various dental procedures that can help you to make your teeth more attractive. There are a few different treatments that can come to your rescue, keep reading to know more about them:

Dental Crowns       
A dental crown is a very useful treatment and it helps in treating a number of dental issues related to the appearance of the teeth. You may consult your dentist to know if dental crowns can be of any help to you or not. It is highly beneficial if a tooth is damaged during an accident.

Teeth Whitening
Some of us have discoloured teeth and it really affects our appearance in an adverse way. There are a number of professional ways through which you can alter the colour of your teeth to make them attractive. Always make sure to consult your doctor before trying out any teeth whitening kit at home by yourself.

If you lost most of your teeth during any accident then you may consider the option of dentures. These dentures are as good as original teeth and the look totally natural. Though this process may consume a lot of money but the results would be totally worth it!

This procedure is for people who have a lot of gap between their teeth. This procedure is very simple and it can be done in just a single sitting.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

How Root Canal Treatment helps you?

Chisel Dental Clinic Reviews

The term “root canal” chills us to the bones because most of us think it to be a very painful dental procedure. However, the truth is that root canal, also known as endodontic treatment (endo-inside, dont-tooth), doesn’t cause discomfort or pain but it actually provides relief from it. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that advanced Technologies have made this treatment a totally pain-free experience and a lot of times it gets done in just a single visit. Read on to know more about it:
Root canal is done when the inner portion or the pulp of a tooth becomes sore or infected. The pulp has the nerves and blood vessels and therefore it causes severe pain after catching infections. The inflammation or infection can be caused due to many reasons but mostly they are the result of deep decay or cavity.
It’s not easy to identify if a person needs a root canal procedure because sometimes no symptoms are present. Nonetheless, some common signals that you may experience are listed below:
  • Stark toothache pain when chewing
  • Persistent sensitivity or pain while consuming hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Staining or darkening of the tooth
  • Inflammation and sensitivity in the gums
  • Frequent occurrence of tiny bumps on the gums
If you notice any of the warning signs that have been mentioned above, then you must visit your dentist as soon as possible.
Almost all the general dentists have received training in endodontic treatments and they can perform most endodontic procedures, depending on their comfort level. Often they refer people needing complex root canal treatments to endodontists, who have had expert training in endodontic diagnosis and treatment. Endodontists perform easy as well as difficult procedures in the best possible manner and relieve the patients from tooth problems.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Gingivitis.

Gum diseases are quite common and they can be cured with numerous methods. Gingivitis is also a gum disease that generally occurs among people belonging to various age groups. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that in the majority of the cases this gum disease is mild and gets treated easily while in some critical cases this issue takes the form of periodontitis.

Chisel Dental Clinic

The major symptoms of Gingivitis include swollen and bleeding gums. In most of the cases, a stark pain in the gums and the lining of the gums is reported. People suffering from this disease feel uncomfortable in drinking or eating anything spicy. In case you observe any such symptoms then you must rush to your dentist as soon as possible or else the disease might become more complicated and problematic.

Dr Sumanth Shetty

Experts suggest that a good oral hygiene helps in clearing out the horrible microbes and this further helps lessens the redness and aggravation that are connected with gingivitis. Therefore,in any case, an ideal approach to prevent Gingivitis or any other gum disease is to maintain proper oral hygiene. A regular habit of brushing and flossing can make a huge difference to the health of your teeth and gums. Some people underestimate the importance of flossing and they do not include it in their daily dental care routine. Experts say that neglecting the importance of flossing is a big mistake and it really has a bad effect on the overall dental hygiene of a person. Researches have shown that the process of flossing reduces plaque and enhances the health of our gums and teeth.

Chisel Dental Clinic

With regards to gingivitis treatment, there are a number of alternatives that your dental specialist might prescribe to you. These alternatives may include anti-bacterial mouthwashes, toothpaste, dental powders, pain relieving pills and ointments. Lastly, you must keep in mind that these prescriptions might not be enough until and unless you start paying attention to your dental care routine. 

Tuesday 13 September 2016

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Really Work?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Various kinds of appliances, both removable and fixed, are used by dentists. These tools help in moving teeth, retraining muscles and affecting the growth of the jaws. These appliances function by placing gentle pressure on jaws and teeth. “We determine which orthodontic approach is likely to help most, on the basis of the problem’s severity,” says Dr Sumanth Shetty of Chisel Dental Clinic.

Here’s how some of the fixed and removable orthodontic tools work.

• Braces: Chisel Dental Clinic reviews suggest that braces are most commonly used fixed dental appliance. Braces consist of bands, brackets and/or wires. Brackets are bonded to the front, while bands are used as anchors and fixed around the teeth. Braces are typically adjusted monthly to achieve the desired result.

• Maintainers: A space maintainer is used if a baby loses tooth prematurely. It keeps the space open for the permanent tooth to grow.

• Aligners: Serial aligners are used as an alternative to classic braces. These are gaining popularity among orthodontists as they do not require metal brackets and wires. Aligners function the same way braces do. But aligners can be taken out for meals.

• Cheek and lip bumpers: Bumpers are designed to keep the cheeks and lips away from the teeth. They help relieve the pressure exerted on teeth by lips and cheeks.

• Removable retainers: These are worn on the roof of the mouth. The purpose of retainers is to avoid shifting of the teeth to their precursory positions. They can also help in preventing thumb sucking. 

• Jaw repositioning tools: Also known as splints, these appliances are worn on lower or top jaw. They assist the jaw in closing in a favourable position. Splints are also used to treat temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

There’s not one dental problem that cannot be solved in today’s world.  At an advanced dental care centre, like Chisel Dental Clinic, these treatments and including many other are available for everyone.

Monday 12 September 2016

How Tooth Cavities Are Formed?

Chisel Dental Clinic Reviews

We all relate cavities with a hole in our tooth or teeth. Cavities are beyond just a whole. It is a permanent damage to your teach with only a temporary treatment. Chisel Dental Clinic has a solution to all your tooth decay problems and beyond.

Cavities are not formed overnight development it is a process that takes places gradually. If paid close attention this process can be stopped and even reversed with proper care.
Chisel Dental Clinic

Let's understand cavities and see how and why they are formed.

Well, our teeth have natural protection against any germ attack. The substance that acts as a natural protection is called enamel. This mineral substance is prone to damage if not taken care of properly.

We eat a variety of food every day. Sugary, salty, sour, bitter, hot and cold after all our teeth come in contact with all sorts food types and tastes hence they are at a risk of damage at all times.
Dr Sumanth Shetty

Our whole including the mouth body comprises of many beneficial acids. But when these acids come in contact with the tooth enamel it may sometimes lead to decay.

Sugary and starchy food is the main cause of tooth decay.
Chisel Dental Clinic

How can you prevent this from happening? Some very simple ways to stay away from acid attack on your tooth enamel are:

·         Have lots of water as it washes off the acid every time you have it.
·         Brush and floss before going to bed
·         Avoid sugar and starch filled food
·         Use an alcohol-free mouthwash after brushing.
·         Get regular cleanings and routine checkups were done.

Also, next time when you visit your dentist make sure you ask him to apply a thin layer of fluoride varnish to your teeth after the cleaning part is done. Fluoride strengthens the decaying enamel giving the roots and enamel more power to fight acid attacks.
Dr Sumanth Shetty Reviews

The only way to escape a cavity is to maintain very high oral hygiene standards all the time. And have a routine check up done at your dentist. Chisel Dental Clinic has dental experts for all your teeth troubles.

So let your million dollar smile spread more smiles always.

Yellow Teeth: Causes and Prevention

Chisel Dental Clinic

We all want to look our best but there are certain things that can prevent us from looking our best and yellow teeth are one of them! Yellow or off-white teeth peeping through a smile are a big turn off. Therefore we must take proper care of our teeth. Yes, it is true that not all of us are blessed with perfect white teeth but by making a few efforts we can surely improve the colour of our teeth by reducing the yellowish tint! Read on to know more:

Food stains: A lot of food items have the potential to alter the natural colour of our teeth. Tea, coffee, soda water, wines, candies, chocolates, etc. leave a very bad effect on your teeth in the long run. Always make sure to clean your mouth after eating such food items.
Dr Sumanth Shetty
Tobacco: Everyone knows that tobacco is highly capable of degrading the appearance of teeth. Frequent consumption of tobacco can affect the teeth very badly. Most of the tobacco chewers have yellow or off white teeth.Apart from tobacco, the habit of smoking also causes a lot of harm to the teeth and their natural colour.
Chisel Dental Clinic Reviews

Bad Dental Hygiene: Many people have often confessed that they tend to be lazy when it comes to maintaining good dental hygiene. This leads to a number of dental problems, especially yellow teeth and bad breath.For that reason, it is exceptionally essential to maintain a good dental hygiene.
Dr Sumanth Shetty Reviews

The above-mentioned causes can really harm the teeth and make them yellow and unpleasant. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that the only way to prevent the problem of yellow teeth is to take proper care of your teeth. If you want to look good then you should make efforts to keep your teeth in good and gleaming condition!

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Tips for making over the Smile of the bride.

Chisel Dental Clinic

A once in a lifetime affair but the most awaited and priceless one too! A wedding calls for a lot if preparation and running around but don't let it come in your way of looking stunning, it's your wedding after all.
All the preparations are made, everything else tied up perfectly and for all the other things you have your loved one's to take care. All you have to do on your wedding day is stand on the stage a flash that million dollar smile of yours!
Chisel Dental Clinic helps you whiten and brighten your breathtaking smile to match to the perfection of everything else.
Here are some treatments you can go for to smile your way through the love of your life along with everyone else present:
Cleaning: Sometimes all you need is a little brushing up before the big day. The cleaning done a few days prior to your wedding by expert professionals at Chisel Dental Clinic will make you ready for the day without much ado.
Whitening: Going for a professional teeth whitening is also a great idea. It also helps in hiding basic crooked, overlapped or spaced teeth issues quite effectively.
Tooth contouring: This is a great option for people with minute problems in their teeth like uneven teeth, chipped tooth or the like. Tooth contouring process is just like filing your nails wherein there is no pain involved but you know something is being done to them. The teeth are basically evened to perfection.
Porcelain veneers: If your problem is a little graver than you can go for porcelain veneers. It covers all the cracked, chipped and stained teeth very smartly. All you have to do then is flash out that beautiful smoke all the way.
Invisalign: This process requires time. It is a wire free and braces free way to straightened teeth. These are invisible aligners that can be easily removed every time you want to nibble. Also, lose a few kilos with these aligners as laziness to remove them to eat will surely make you avoid untimely munching.
With a gorgeous smile, you'll not only bag loads of compliments that day but will certainly get queries till much later.
The happiness on the money well spent and decision timely taken to go for a smile makeover before your marriage will always make you proud of yourself every time you'll see your sparkling smile while going through your wedding album.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Importance of flossing.

Chisel Dental Clinic

Dentists, across the world, believe that nothing can ever replace the effect of brushing and flossing.  A consistent dental care routine is excessively important to keep up the health of the teeth and gums. Consistent use of dental floss removes plaque and helps to prevent the accumulation of plaque, which can further lead to tartar. Regular flossing can improve and enhance the appearance of your teeth to a great extent. It can also help them to look brighter by eliminating plaque and excess food particles that might get stuck in the corners of your teeth. You might not be able to see these tiny particles in the mirror but with the help of flossing, you can get rid of them.
Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that flossing should be an essential part of good oral hygiene habits. It is a step that is often forgotten and ignored by the people because most people think that maximum of the dental issues can be avoided only by brushing your teeth regularly. However, people must know it very clearly that flossing completes tooth brushing because dental floss goes where a toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing can also help in preventing the discoloration of teeth by deeply cleaning out the joint between two teeth.
People of all age must develop a habit of flossing on a regular basis. In fact, you should encourage your young ones to pick this habit of maintaining a good oral hygiene right from the very beginning.
If you wear braces, then flossing is even more essential. Food and bacteria can easily camp beneath the braces and can cause permanent harm to your teeth. Nonetheless, you have to be really careful while flossing or else you may perhaps end up damaging your teeth, gums and braces.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

How to choose the Best Dentist?

Chisel Dental Clinic
Taking care of your teeth is one of the greatest ways to keep up your overall level of health. Good oral hygiene can keep your smile looking great and it can also safeguard your health. Having a good dentist is important if you want to preserve your teeth. Here are a few things, revealed by the experts of Chisel Dental Clinic, which you should consider before choosing a dentist:

·         Reputation:  Any dentist that you work with should have a brilliant reputation. Devote some time in reading reviews of local dentists to find the best one.

·         Location: Your dentist's workplace should be conveniently located. If it is too much of a trouble to get to the office, then you may be less likely to keep up with regular appointments. Look for an office that is situated close to your home or office.

·         Price: Dental services need to be reasonably priced or else you will be disappointed while going in for appointments. Call some local dentists and ask for their base price on standard procedures such as cleanings, fillings and crowns to compare prices.

·         Dental Staff: In the course of your dental visit, you should be treated well by all of the staff members. This includes the front desk staff, as well as any dental assistants or hygienists who work on your teeth.

·         Payment Options: It is imperative to make sure that the dental office you choose accepts the category of payment you want to use. For example, if you plan to pay for your dental services with a credit card, make sure that the dentist accepts the type of card that you have.

·         Specialties: If you need any exceptional procedures done such as a root canal, extraction or oral surgery, you should make sure that the dentist is up for the job. Not all dentists offer surgical procedures, so it is essential to check beforehand.

Thursday 7 July 2016

How Green Tea is helpful for your Oral Health?

Chisel Dental Clinic

Tooth is one of the important parts of human body. Human being needs food for gaining energy which is used in doing different activities. Our tooth helps us in eating food properly. Proper chewing can help us in digesting our food easily. But due to various reasons our tooth and gums may damage. To avoid this problem we have to take proper precautions such as proper brushing of tooth, dental checkups on the regular basis, eating proper food etc. Nowadays green tea is in huge demand due to its magical and beneficial properties. It is one of the most appropriate and popular beverage in Asian culture and increasing its prominence in India as well.
Chisel dental clinic provides many health benefits of green tea and specially in protecting tooth and gums from many diseases. There are many tooth problems by which people suffers a lot and are not able to eat their favorite food items. Some of these are bleeding gums, swollen gums, cavity, loss of gum tissues and periodontal pocket depth. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that harms the supporting bones and gum of the teeth. All these can be cured by having a cup of green tea regularly. It helps in reducing symptoms of periodontal disease due to the present of antioxidant Catechin. Antioxidants are able to reduce inflammation in the body and have potential to kill bacteria associated with tooth decay. Green tea helps in promoting periodontal health and protects us from other diseases also.
Green tea also helps in strengthening our teeth and cleanses our gum line. According to a study people who drink green tea have better oral health than compared to the people who don’t. People who drink a cup of green tea regularly have less tooth loss. Sweetener should not be added to green tea as it reverses the health benefits which green tea provides for your teeth. Green tea also helps in decreasing the growth of cancer cells in the body. As it is easily available, so anyone can use it and make their oral health better and can avoid dental problems. So let’s go green for healthy teeth with green tea!

Saturday 2 July 2016

How smoking affect Dental Health.

Chisel Dental Clinic

It is a well-known fact that smoking can have massive adverse effects on the health of the smoker and oral health is one such area that gets most negatively affected. Therefore it is extremely important for a smoker to take extra care of his/her dental health. There are a number of ways through which a smoker can minimise the ill effects of smoking on his/her dental health. Read on to know more:
Smoking can cause a lot of serious complications for the teeth. These problems can be further aggravated when proper health care is not followed. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that smokers are at a bigger risk of catching gum disease. Researches show that smokers are four times more likely to get infected by various gum infections in comparison with the non-smokers. Apart from this, smokers are also likely to develop stains and marks on their teeth due to the chemicals present in the cigarettes. They are also at a higher risk for developing leukoplakia, leading to the throat, lung, and oral cancers. Dental experts say that smokers also have a tougher time recovering from dental procedures such as periodontal treatments, dental implants, and tooth extraction.
Smokers must get determined to opt for a proper oral hygiene plan that must include regular brushing, flossing, and use a tongue cleaner and mouthwash. Having the right toothbrush is also very important and as per the suggestion of the dental experts, smokers should use a toothbrush that is soft and gentle.
It is highly recommended that the smokers should not skip regular checkups with their dentists. During these visits, dentists can look out for the initial signs of developing gum disease and oral cancers. Everybody should visit their dentist at least twice a year, but those who smoke on the regular basis should visit their dentist more frequently.