Monday 11 January 2016

Five Brushing Mistakes You Must Avoid

We all are aware of the fact that brushing is a simple activity and it is an important part of our daily routine. Well, this is surprising to know that most of us make a lot of mistakes even while doing this simple activity. Experts from Chisel Dental Clinic say that these mistakes need to be rectified as early as possible or else they can harm the health of our teeth gradually. Keep reading to know more:
  1. Your Toothbrush Isn’t Soft Enough
Most of us do not pay attention to the quality of the bristles while purchasing a tooth brush. Always look for tooth brushes that have soft bristles because they are mild on the tooth surface and do not cause any harm to your teeth.
  1. You Put A Lot Of Pressure While Brushing
Brushing too hard can harm the tooth enamel in the long run. Always be gentle while you brush your teeth. Hold the brush in a gentle way and move it across your teeth in a circular motion but in a very mild way.
  1. Always in a hurry
For some of us, brushing is just a formality that must be done quickly but this is a wrong approach that may affect the health of your gums and teeth in an adverse manner. It just takes a couple of minutes to brush properly, therefore do not be in a hurry while brushing.
  1. You don’t pay attention
Yes! Mobile phone is an inseparable part of our lives for sure but you can give it some rest while you are brushing! It is important to pay attention while you are brushing. Stand in front of a mirror and clean your mouth properly by brushing away food particles that might have got stuck strategically between two teeth.

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