Monday 12 September 2016

How Tooth Cavities Are Formed?

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We all relate cavities with a hole in our tooth or teeth. Cavities are beyond just a whole. It is a permanent damage to your teach with only a temporary treatment. Chisel Dental Clinic has a solution to all your tooth decay problems and beyond.

Cavities are not formed overnight development it is a process that takes places gradually. If paid close attention this process can be stopped and even reversed with proper care.
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Let's understand cavities and see how and why they are formed.

Well, our teeth have natural protection against any germ attack. The substance that acts as a natural protection is called enamel. This mineral substance is prone to damage if not taken care of properly.

We eat a variety of food every day. Sugary, salty, sour, bitter, hot and cold after all our teeth come in contact with all sorts food types and tastes hence they are at a risk of damage at all times.
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Our whole including the mouth body comprises of many beneficial acids. But when these acids come in contact with the tooth enamel it may sometimes lead to decay.

Sugary and starchy food is the main cause of tooth decay.
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How can you prevent this from happening? Some very simple ways to stay away from acid attack on your tooth enamel are:

·         Have lots of water as it washes off the acid every time you have it.
·         Brush and floss before going to bed
·         Avoid sugar and starch filled food
·         Use an alcohol-free mouthwash after brushing.
·         Get regular cleanings and routine checkups were done.

Also, next time when you visit your dentist make sure you ask him to apply a thin layer of fluoride varnish to your teeth after the cleaning part is done. Fluoride strengthens the decaying enamel giving the roots and enamel more power to fight acid attacks.
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The only way to escape a cavity is to maintain very high oral hygiene standards all the time. And have a routine check up done at your dentist. Chisel Dental Clinic has dental experts for all your teeth troubles.

So let your million dollar smile spread more smiles always.


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  2. Cavities can really destroy your teeth. For this we recommend using dental lumineers.