Wednesday 2 December 2015

Effects Of Oropharyngeal Cancer

The percentage of people getting affected with Oropharyngeal cancer is on a rise. Experts from Chisel DentalClinic say that there are numerous factors that can be held responsible for causing this issue and an unhealthy lifestyle is one such factor for sure.

There are several indicators that indicate the presence of Oropharyngeal cancer. A lot of people do not pay much attention to these symptoms or indicators until the problem reaches to an advanced stage. Read on to know these symptoms that may indicate the presence of Oropharyngeal cancer or some other sort of problem related to mouth or throat.

·         The most common indicator is the occurrence and re-occurrence of stinging swellings in the mouth or on the corner of the lips. These swellings or blisters take a lot of time to heal. In case you observe any sort of painful wound or blister, rush to seek professional help immediately.

·         Another symptom includes appearance of red and white patches in the mouth. Though these patches might appear as if caused by deficiency of some or the other vitamin still you must get them checked by a skillful professional. Along with these patches you may also observe small painless bumps on the inner lining of the mouth.

·         Most of the times the people complain that they have been suffering from a sore throat from a long time and no medicine is being of any use. This may be a serious indication of various infections. In severe cases people notice a significant change in their voice. The voice becomes husky and unclear.
·         There might be severe swelling in the mouth and it may cause difficulty in eating or swallowing food items. Apart from this there can be unexplained bleeding in the gums or mouth.

·         Sometimes the indication might be very trivial like- pain in the ear or jaw and it might appear very normal but if it continues for more than a few days then you must know that it can be a matter of concern.

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