Wednesday 9 December 2015

Healthy gums - Healthy life

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” We all have heard this famous saying but still choose to not take our oral health seriously. Oral health gives us an overview of our overall health. As our eyes are windows to our soul, similarly oral health is window to our complete health. Paying regular visits to the dentist does not ensure you only a healthy smile but give an inside glimpse of your health, say, whether you might have developed a high BP problem or diabetes. A good oral health helps in keeping many other ailments at bay.
Poor oral health, no doubt, is home to plethora of problems. Endocarditis, Premature birth, Cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, eating disorders, to name a few, are the problems generated due to poor oral health. There is an association of gum diseases, also known as periodontal diseases, with heart diseases.
Paying regular visits to your dentist can help curbing this major problem of oral health as dentist can diagnose any complication developing at the early stage. But as they say never hide anything from your lawyer, so is the case with your dentist. Provide your dentist with your full medical history and you will be sorted out.
However, there are some things which you can practice to keep your oral hygiene under check. Round the clock dentists clad in white coat in every single toothpaste advertisement advise us to daily brush our teeth at least two times. So, we think we need not have to emphasize more on this basic hygiene care. Another hygiene care which we tend to ignore is cleaning our tongue. Gums, teeth, tongue all are the parts of our mouth. But we, as usual, tend to ignore this significant part of our mouth. We should also avoid eating tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Having green tea on regular basis can help reduce the earlier teeth fall.
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